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Geo-technical Investigation/ Geo-technical Soil Test:

The main scopes of this Investigation works are:

1. Execution of exploratory boring, recording the sub- soil stratification and ground water table
2. Execution of Standard Penetration Test (SPT) at an interval of 1.5 m depth with collection of

disturbed and undisturbed soil sample up to the final depth exploration of each boring.
Execution of drilling done is done to
1. Establishing of stratification land(nature, sequence and thickness of layers)
2. Establish ground water level its variation during the execution of drilling
3. Sampling of ground (disturbed and undisturbed)for physical – mechanical geotechnical laboratory
4. Sampling of water to determine the chemical composition C research aspect penetration dynamic of SPT.

To evaluate basic properties of soil
1. Engineering Properties of soil (i.e. 1. various laboratory)
2. Bearing Capacity Parameter for Shallow Foundation (Such as for strip footing and circular footing)
3. Skin friction and End bearing capacity for per pile
4. Cast in situ and Pre cast pile working load
5. Settlement Analysis
6. Liquefaction Analysis
Field Investigation
1. Standard Penetration Test
2. Palate Load Test
3. Field Compaction Test
Field Investigation consists of drilling holes into the ground by including recording of sub- soil stratification execution of standard penetration at regular intervals of 1.5 m down to final depth, collection of disturbed and undisturbed samples
for identification and test in the laboratory.

  • Disturbed samples are collected from each of these intervals and preserved in an airtight bag
  • Undisturbed soil samples require determining the unconfined compressive strength and settlement characteristics of the soil. Undisturbed soil samples are collected in the thin walled Shelby tube of 4 inch dia. and 18 inch height.

This field investigation (Geotechnical soil investigation) is done by two ways
1. Digital Borehole Machine, by which value of SPT can be taken atomically.
2. Commonly used tripod borehole machines
Laboratory testing
Different types of tests are performed on disturbed and undisturbed samples.

Tests are performed by Disturbed samples
1. Water content
2. Specific gravity
3. Density Test
4. Unit Weight Test
5. Liquid Limit Test

6. Plastic Limit Test

7. Direct Shear Test
Test Performed by Undisturbed Samples
1. Unconfined Compression Test
2. Consolidation Test
3. Triaxial test
Test Performed by soil collected from pit
1. Field Compaction Test
2. Proctor, Modified Proctor(Compaction) Test
3. CBR Test
Test Performed by concrete
1. Crushing strength test of concrete
2. Non Destructive Hammer test

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