The comprehensive solution of your dream


  • Planning: Zaara Construction provide a good Planning for Project.
  • Estimates: We always think an economy design for your Building. Therefore, we provide an economy & desirable Estimates.
  • Soil Test: We serve best Geo-technical investigation for your Project. We use modern Soil Test machine for Perfect Soil Profile. We also provide an innovation Soil Test Report for Project.
  • Piling Foundation: We are working for Piling Foundation with an Experienced Construction Team of Piling foundation. We also serve Variable length & Variable Diameter.
  • Foundation Work: Any types of Foundation works, we are working for your Structural Work.
  • Structural Design: We Provide economy & Standard Structural Design of approved by RAJUK, BNBC, ASTM and ACI & Fulfill the all Criteria of Engineering. We have an Experienced Planning and Design Engineers Team.
  • Architectural Design: We Provide economy & Standard Architectural Design of approved by RAJUK, BNBC, ASTM and ACI & Fulfill the all Criteria of Engineering. We have an Experienced Architectures Team. Who will express a innovation Design.
  • Electrical and Plumbing Design: We Provide economy & Standard Electrical and Plumbing Design of approved by PDB, RAJUK, BNBC, ASTM and ACI & Fulfill the all Criteria of Engineering. We have an Electrical and Plumbing Team. They will express an innovation Design.
  • Building Construction: ZCNC has Building Construction Team as per working Plan. Skilled Mason, Skilled Labor, Worker are working for your Valuable Project. We Confirm & Control the Quality. Our Engineer always Ready to Confirm the Quality.
  • Building Supervision: Zaara Construction & Consultancy supervise the Project as per Clients Requirements.
  • Safety & Security Plan: Safe & Security is most important for ours. Therefore, we always look up the Safety & Security Plan. Zaara Construction & Consultancy provide Safety & Security Plan for Valuable Completed Project (Example: School, College, University, Hospital, Residential Building & any types of Commercial Building).
  • Surveying: : Zaara Construction & Consultancy has an Experienced Survey Team. They work for Surveying in anywhere of Bangladesh.
  • o Private Land Development: For a Private Land Owner, We serve the construction support. : Zaara Construction & Consultancy is working for Private Land Development. We make your Dream.
  • Skilled Manpower for Building Construction: : Zaara Construction & Consultancy has Skilled Supervision & Construction Team for Project.
  • Construction Team: : Zaara Construction & Consultancy Serve the standard workable Construction Team for Building Project with Building Expert Engineers. : Zaara Construction & Consultancy always confirm the Clients Criteria & Requirements.
  • Building Construction Related Works: Zaara Construction & Consultancy is Especially for Building Construction Related Works. We are at First in Bangladesh, A fully Construction Solution.

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