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Welcome to ZCNC

It is a Complete Solution of Building Construction. Basically, we are working for private land owner and developing their Residential Building, Industrial Building &Commercial Building.

The Complete Sub Soil Investigation Solution for Building,Institution and Industrial Building Project in Bangladesh.

The Piling Foundation Work  for Building,Institution and Industrial Building Project in Bangladesh. ZCNC is a Pioneer Piling Company in Bangladesh.

It is ZCNC to always provide various design solutions for its buildings that will not only be incorporating excellent design ideas but will also provide memorable spaces and timeless architecture. We also believe in designing the next generation of buildings which are green, economy and sustainable, to reduce its carbon footprint. Our goal is to meet the MS 1525 guidelines, for designing energy efficient buildings in Bangladesh and designing buildings towards Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC), where buildings are to be of Zero Carbon or powered mainly by renewable energy.


Our Business

ZCNC was founded in 2010 by its founding member Engr.Emtiaz Rahman & Mr. M.A. Ahmed. In the past 05 years, ZCNC has been successful in winning several awards and is regarded as one of the better established architecture firms in Bangladesh. ZCNC has been accorded within the Top Ten architectural& Structural practices in Bangladesh. To ensure consistent quality services, we always follow Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC)


As a Consultancy Firm, we have experienced many changes over the past 05 years. We have grown in terms of our capacity from 4 key personnel which consists of its founding member AsSenior Engineer,Architect, Planner and Director to approximately 30 employees with offices in Dhaka. We are also planning to open our latest office in Chittagong within the first quarter of 2014.We are also working in all of the City Corporation, Municipal, Town, Country Town & any Where of Bangladesh.

We are Pioneer Soil Test Company  in Bangladesh.

The Complete Geo Technical Investigation and Solution for Building,Institution and Industrial Building Project in Bangladesh.


In order to ensure that we are always able to render high quality, innovative designs with comparative services to our clients, we have invested intensively in upgrading ZCNC’s CAD division capability with the latest and up to date software. We are now proceedingto the next level in providing and adopting the use BIM (Building Information Modeling) software as one of our abilities to provide support that offers better integrated production solutions for all related consultants, builders and contractors which includes Architecture, Engineering, Quantity surveying, Construction and its related building industries.

We serve the Soil Testing for Building Construction.


Soil Test Company in Bangladesh

Soil Test Company in Bangladesh

Geo Technical Engineering Company in Bangladesh


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